What is the trip cost for Rajasthan from Dhaka

By | 23 July 2020

What is the trip cost for Rajasthan from Dhaka.Rajasthan is popular for its wonderful architecture of Forts,cost of tour dhaka to rajasthan, Palaces, Monuments. Rajasthan is a colorful city. Every place in Rajasthan has its own story. cost of tour dhaka to rajasthancost of tour dhaka to rajasthan,In India, Rajasthan is mostly famous for its tourist destination.cost of tour dhaka to rajasthan

 Every year the number of tourists increases in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is just not only a place of forts, palaces but Rajasthan is also full of culture, tradition, amazing food, silver jewels  and many more. Every month from all across the world people come to visit Rajasthan, including the people of Dhaka. What is the trip cost for Rajasthan from Dhaka

Distance from Dhaka to Rajasthan

The distance from  Dhaka to Rajasthan is about 1,461.28km. To travel from Dhaka you can take alternative routes like by train or flight. \

Let’s find out more about the routes

By Flight:

It takes almost 8hours and 25 minutes to travel from Dhaka to Rajasthan. This is the minimum time u need to travel. There are many facilities are available on the flight. Seats of the flight varies by the price.What is the trip cost for Rajasthan from Dhaka

Where to go in Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is called the home of forts and palaces in India. Rajasthan is also a place of different Wildlife in India. It has one of the most beautiful heritage hotels which is known as  Rambagh Palace, it is also called the Jewel of Jaipur.

Rajasthan has also cities which are called as the Pink City and another city called the Blue City. Rajasthan is also full of many beautiful lakes including-Lake Pichola and Mount Abu. 

When to visit Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is a place where in different seasons it has its own beauty to see. The season includes Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. In summer the average temperature in Rajasthan rises to 45 degrees Celsius, so the best place to visit in summer is the hill station, Mount Abu. 

In monsoon season the land doesn’t remain dry, so in this time Udaipur is the best place to visit. Udaipur is known as the city of Lakes.

In the winter season, the tourists increase in Rajasthan. In this season you can visit places like- Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, and Pushkar. This place becomes the most favorite place for tourists.

Stay with us to know more

Rajasthan is a big state which cannot be covered in 2 or 3 days. Different cities have their own beauty so to Rajasthan you need to have at least 10 days. Though that’s not going to cover all the heritage sites of Rajasthan than also u can yet visit many places. 

Trip cost from Dhaka to Rajasthan

As there are many ways that you can reach Rajasthan from Dhaka. Among the easiest and relaxing way is by air. But if your trip cost is not that much high than u can surely travel by train. But that’s going to take quite a few days. 

I f you want to travel in a good and comfortable way than 25000RS is quite fine for starting your journey. Below from this amount you will be also able to travel but with many hassles. So in my perspective, I think keeping a good amount for a trip is the best idea. So that you can also buy some cultural and souvenirs staff from Rajasthan as a memory.