What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured

By | 27 July 2020

Plastic is a synthetic polymer that can be moulded or shaped into any form. What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured because of this property plastic can be moulded into different forms is known as plastics. What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured.

Plastic and its type and use

Application of plastics

  • used for food packaging.
  • used for building materials
  • cable insulation
  • household objects
  • PVC which is used for covering wire is PVC

Classification Of Plastics

  • broadly classified into Thermosetting and Thermoplastics


  1. These plastics become soft on heating and harden when cooled
  2. Thermoplastics can be remoulded into various shapen again and again
  3. ThermoplaStics are PVC
  4. The polymer chains are not cross-linked, they mainly lie side by side and are not strongly linked to one another. This made them soft and stretchable.

Thermosetting Plastics

  • These plastics cannot soften on heating.
  • Thermosetting plastics are called as Thermosets. These can not be remoulded on heating when once set.

properties of plastics are discussed below


plastic is very light in weight with varying all plastics are a lightweight material and therefore used to make parts of car furniture and so on.


: plastics are highly resistant to chemicals and water. like Iron that gets rusted when exposed to moist air that plastics are not at all affected by the air. water and various chemicals. plastic provides safe nonbreakable packages for many chemicals. they are also good substitutes for metal, glass, and wood.

Effect of flame

some plastics are highly flammable. they melt and burn easily when comes in contact with fire. hence, no cooking utensil is made of plastic.

thermal and electrical conductivities: anything related to heat is called thermal add related to electricity is electrical. plastic like bakelite is poor conductors of both heat and electricity. property find application in plastic used at the end for cooking to cancel electric iron covers for metal wires carrying current and so on.

Use of plastics

these properties of plastics and effect that they are not acted upon by bacteria water make them the right choice for the production of a variety of things.

Uses of a few plastics are listed below

polythene thermoplastics is used widely as a packaging material for liquids

Polysterene is used for making electronic items

polyfill iron chloride is extensively used for making plumbing pipes cancelling flooring up Wallace tree and furniture

Bakelite thermosetting plastic is used for making electrical fittings.

Teflon a special type of plastic, is used in non-stick cooking utensils.