What are the most affordable tourism hotels in Rajasthan

By | 23 July 2020

Rajasthan is popular for its wonderful architecture of Forts, Palaces, most affordable tourism hotels in RajasthanMonuments. Rajasthan is a colorful city. most affordable tourism hotels in Rajasthan.Every place in Rajasthan has its own story. In India Rajasthan is mostly famous for tourist destination.most affordable tourism hotels in Rajasthan

 Every year the number of tourist increases in Rajasthan. The best affordable hotels in Rajasthan are- Krishna Palace, Shahi Palace hotel, Chitra Katha, Arya  Niwas, Hotel Sarang Palace, Hotel Aashiya Haveli, Hotel Kalyan, Nahargarh Haveli, Mewar Haveli, Pushkar Resorts and there are many more hotels in Rajshahi.

Stay with us to know the details  about the tourist hotels

Every tourist place has hotels near by them

Tourist places always remain crowded and so for that even the hotels remain booked. You need to book your hotel before going to the location, so that after visiting places you can chill at night with your own privacy. 

Every hotel has their own tourist cars, so that u can visit any place without any hassle. For that they do take charges but that’s way better than searching and being worried for finding a car. 

Let’s find out about some hotels and their cost

Krishna Palace:


This hotel looks like a palace because of its heritage look. This hotel remains open for 24hours. They have a big garden in front of their hotel. Their rooms are well decorated and have comfortable beds in every rooms. They even have a roof top restaurant facilities. Per day they charge BDT:1,659 as room charge.

Shahi Palace Hotel:


This hotel is built entirely out of local sandstone of Jaisalmer which is decorated in classic Rajasthani style. Every room is designed in Rajasthani style. Their rooftop terrace gives a marvelous view of the fort. From the terrace you can even see the sunset. The restaurant has foods for both  vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Per day this hotel charge BDT:1,844.

Chitra katha:


This hotel is beside the boundary of Hathroi fort. This hotel symbolizes the beauty of Rajasthan by different vibrant colors. Chitra katha means pictorial story. Per dat they charge BDT:1,805.

Arya Niwas:


This is a heritage hotel in Jaipur. This is a family award winning hotel in Rajasthan. This hotel has pleasant space for kids to play. They also maintain a good quality food service. They also maintain hygiene in every place in their hotel. Per day they charge BDT:2,492.

Hotel Sarang Palace:


Sarang hotel is one of the best hotel having 3star facilities. Each is decorated with Rajasthani theme and color. They also designed this hotel by thinking about sunlight, so that in the day they don’t need any artificial light. This hotal is just 10 minutes away from City palace. They also have spa, yoga and jogging facilities in their hotel. Per day they charge BDT:2,379. 

Aashiya Haveli:


This hotel stands in an ancestral haveli and they also maintain the traditions to keep ages alive. They have a big open terrace so that tourist can enjoy the view of City palace, Monsoon palace and also Lake view. This place is so beautiful that you will surely fall in love with this place. Per day they charge BDT:2,958.

There are hundred more beautiful hotel for tourist available hare with a affordable price. Every hotel is designed by maintaining the Rajasthani culture and colors. Each hotel has their own story of beautifying them by the Rajasthani theme.