Is it Possible To Earn Money From Internet

By | 26 July 2020

What I had learned from the past, How one should earn money from internet.passion will your hard work will be paid you or not.what mistakes I did when I was new in Blogging. Why my Adsense account banned.

I was thinking Will earn money from Blogging but after one and a half years doing random things. I could earn even a single rupee from blogging. But it was exciting.

Digital Marketing

I used to Be always Busy in Writing Post making Backlinks but at the end of the year could not earn money from the Internet, I was regretting I wasted time. But the main thing i can say now what mistake I did.

These Are The Mistake That I did

  • I could not understand what creates a blog that drives traffic on Blogs and that traffic will give you money.
  • I was excited and thinking if I will have Blog, it will give me money from the Internet. Biggest Mistake that I was thinking, later it was proved false.
  • I was not working on to derive ORGANIC traffic, rather than sharing a post on Facebook. doing bad things on Facebook.
  • I could NOT understand the sole purpose of blogging that, Organic traffic will give you money, which is quite a difficult thing.

What I Should Do To Rank Blog

  1. Do Keyword Research to get Better idea
  2. Write Articles optimized using Yoast SEO plugin
  3. After writing article Build link so that it will get ranked on google.
  4. keep updating periodically using comment approval post update, making change in articles.