How To Trade in Stock Market For Beginners

By | 15 October 2020

How To Trade in Stock Market For Beginners, who want to earn money from the Stock market. In This Article, you will Read in More Detail. How to Trade in the Stock Market, if you are Beginners, you Don’t know how to trade in the market, what is the prerequisite to start Trading in the Market.


These are the things that you need if you want to start trading in the stock market in India.

  1. You need a Trading Account
  2. You Need Stable Mind
  3. computer laptop, Mobile with internet
  4. Mentor
  5. of course Fund

Trading Account

which Broker will be Best For you, if you are new in investing, trading, you don’t which broker you should choose.

you can read more Read Here which Broker you should choose.

You need a stable Mind

  •  Have to control your thought process
  • you have to manage your emotion
  •  manage your greed
  •  understand the Fear and Greed game
  • How you react to different situations when you are at a loss
  • you reaction when you are in profit.
  • how you react, when you earn profit from the Market.
  • what you do after Booking Profit.
  • do you again Entering in Market after booking profit.
  • are you impulsive by mean, you react on situation suddenly
  • have you thoughout the  entire trading session?
  • do you have proper strategies that will give you profit?
  •  when you see highly gain, highly shorted stocks?
  • Do you trade with other people, who can guide you, or will you help in controlling your emotion?
  • you came into the market, after watching someone’s profit.
  • do you have other sources of income, other than the stock market, trading
  • are you taking more lots than you risk appetite.
  • are you trading or gambling
  • is it stock market gambling
  • what you consider the stock market as gambling or business.
  • are you trading without a stop-loss order?

These are the things you have to know before entering in Market. if you see or think you will find everything, i am talking about your thought, mind, emotion, sentiment, feeling, impulsive thought, greed,a and fear, excitement, sad. if you want to succeed in the Stock market, you have to Manage these things very Wisely, actively I can say.

Market 90% psychology your mindset, and 10 % Setup.


Now I can say you got some idea, How people make money from the stock market, and From the commodity Market.

I will tell you everything as per my knowledge. how to succeed in the stock market.Before proceeding you must read the above points.

stock market trading

stock market trading


Is it stock Market Gambling?

My Answer is How your mind is acting towards, if you mind is seeing the stock market as gambling, sir and madam please my humble request to you just away from the market. please otherwise market, you hit heavily.

In my case, I don’t take the stock market as gambling, because see the stock market as a business.

  1.  manage my Business very wisely don’t take random trade.
  2.  have clear thought regarding investing and trading
  3. i am more focused on investing rather than trading.
  4. investing is not a zero-sum game.
  5. I track 10 stocks only and trade in some commodities as well
  6. before taking trade I try to understand the sentiment of stocks movement.
  7. which types of people are trading.
  8. someone is manipulation stock or retail investors are trading.
  9. I always try to be with big people , HNI, Institutional investors.
  10. I trade in less quantity
  11. maximum 2 trade I take in a day.