How can you give a tour to Rajasthan from Kolkata

By | 23 July 2020

How can you give a tour to Rajasthan from Kolkata
Rajasthan is popular for its wonderful architecture of Forts, Palaces, Monuments. Rajasthan is a colorful
city. Every place in Rajasthan has its own story. In India Rajasthan is mostly famous for tourist
Every year the number of tourist increases in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is just not only a place of forts,
palaces but Rajasthan is also full of culture, tradition, amazing food, silver jewels and many more. Every
month from all across the world people come to visit Rajasthan. People of Kolkata also comes here.
Stay with us to know how you will come from Kolkata to Rajasthan
Distance between Rajasthan and Kolkata
Rajasthan is situated to the northwestern side of India. Rajasthan is also called the land of Deserts.
Rajasthan is the largest state of India.
The people of Rajasthani is well known for their good behavior. Whereas Kolkata is situated over the
Bengal Basin. West Bengal is the capital of Kolkata.
The distance between Kolkata to Rajasthan is 1512km by road and 1508 by rails. Aerial distance is about
Let’s find out the individual experience by travelling in different transport
Kolkata to Rajasthan by Bus:
The bus route obvious gives nice and beautiful natural scenery. You get to see a lot of good places on its
way. If u want to go to Rajasthan from Kolkata then you can book your tickets at any time of the day. As
there are many frequent buses are available in almost every 30 minutes. You can book your ticket in A/C
or non A/C bus.
Kolkata to Rajasthan by Train:
Train is the best idea for group tour or for family tour. You can pass your full travelling time by seeing
the natural beauty on route. The train takes 28 hours to reach from Kolkata to Rajasthan. Jaipur is the
nearest to the railway station.
Kolkata to Rajasthan by Car:
If you want to travel by car all the way than you have to hire a high quality car. So, that you can travel
comfortably. For per kilometer the car prices start at INR 5.
Kolkata to Rajasthan by flight:
Direct flights are available from Kolkata to Rajasthan. You have to book your tickets before travelling. It
takes about 2 hours to travel from Kolkata to Rajasthan. After reaching in Rajasthan you will find many
taxi or cab available in front of the airport. So, that you can go to any other place in Rajasthan you want.

Jaipur is the nearest airport in Rajsthan. If u are in a hurry than u should definitely travel by air. There
are different types of seats are available in the flight according to the price range.
As we have got to know about the different types of transport system to travel from Kolkata to
Rajasthan , so among them the most preferred way is by train. Because by train you get to see the
beautiful view of Rajasthan and also the forts of different places.
Rajasthan is enrich with colors an heritage site. The earning of Rajasthan develops in a good amount for
the tourists. That’s why Rajasthani people respects and honor the tourists.