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What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured

Plastic is a synthetic polymer that can be moulded or shaped into any form. What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured because of this property plastic can be moulded into different forms is known as plastics. What Is Plastic Its Types and How manufactured. Application of plastics used for food packaging. used for building… Read More »

All About Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic fibres are man-made fibres produced from chemical substances. it is interesting to know what constitutes these fibres. to understand the intricates structure of synthetics fibres, we need to know what they are made up of and how.what happens to loose beads when strung in a wire? Individual beads join together to form a chain.… Read More »

What is a solar panel and how does it work

Solar panels are a kind of devices that are also known as PV(photovoltaic)  panels. Solar panels are used to take in sun’s rays and convert them into heat and electricity. Many scientist calls this solar panel as Photovoltaic  which basically means Light-electricity. A Solar panel contains number of solar cells in it which can be… Read More »