About Us

Author is Electronics and Communication graduate from a punjab govt college. He is a self-motivated, hard-working simple person down to earth. He would like to help others, motivating juniors, blogging, playing Chess, solving puzzles.

When I was the first year of my engineering, one of my senior Manmohan sir who told me how we can earn money online. it motivated me a lot about how one earns money online. Manmohan sir was earning money online he was knowing these things, that day I came to know about blogging. then started learning how to make a blog, how to start a blog, how to do SEO, what is SMO, how to rank a website. everything I learned from the internet, till the second year of engineering I was knowing about digital marketing. But after the second I started preparing for a competitive exam. I came to know how we can share our knowledge with people in this digital era.I will share everything what I know that is beneficial for others.